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 *The Marvolous Math Game!*

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PostSubject: *The Marvolous Math Game!*   Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:44 pm

Ok heres how you play, I'll say 88 + 100 (ex) the next person will say =188, then do something like 55+ 99, and so on so this is what it will look like

(me)- 100+ 34

(next person)- 134

99+ 23

(me) +122

77+ 23

and so on

but here are the rules
if somone get the answer wong don't be mean or make fun of em, just pretent they didnt or give them a gentle reminder
Have fun/ tell your firends
don't post right after yourself

Here I'll Start

84 + 23
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*The Marvolous Math Game!*
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