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 ~Change 1 letter to make a new word~ game!

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PostSubject: ~Change 1 letter to make a new word~ game!   Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:50 pm

You must change only 1 letter in the word from the post below yours to make a new word. For example, take the word "MADE". The next post could be "FADE" changing the M to a F,and then it would go on like that
-You cannot add or delete letters (Making it a 7-letter of 2-letter word).
-no curse words or uh made up words!!
- i will start a new word when it gets to a word that can't be changed, no one else do it, PM me if i'm not there and you can't make a new one.
-no double posting

i'll start
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~Change 1 letter to make a new word~ game!
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